Board Bylaws

The UWHEN Board Bylaws below were most recently re-adopted in 2018.

Article 1: Name

The name of the organization shall be the Utah Women in Higher Education Network (UWHEN). The organization is affiliated with the ACE (American Council on Education) Women’s Network.

Article 2: Mission 

  1. UWHEN has adopted the ACE Women’s Network mission to advance women’s leadership on higher education campuses through the following (IDEALS):
    1. Identifying women leaders.
    2. Developing women’s leadership abilities.
    3. Encouraging the use of leadership abilities.
    4. Advancing women’s careers.
    5. Linking women to other women and mentors.
    6. Supporting women in mid- and executive-level positions.
  2. UWHEN accomplishes its mission by:
    1. Maintaining a network of women in higher education administration, faculty, and staff roles;
    2. Providing professional development opportunities for leadership preparation, development, and support of women in higher education;
    3. Promoting the visibility, recognition, and advancement of women in higher education leadership;
    4. Addressing barriers and issues affecting career progression of women in higher education.

Article 3: Institutional Membership & Fees

  1. UWHEN membership shall be open to all public and private higher education institutions that operate within the State of Utah.
  2. Institutional membership includes access to UWHEN for all women employees within the member institution.
  3. Institutional membership fees will be determined by the Board of Directors and are based upon the full-time enrollment of students at the member institution.
  4. Institutional membership fees will coincide with the fiscal year of July 1 – June 30 and are due each fall.
  5. New institutional members may join UWHEN at any time and pay the annual institutional fee.
  6. Institutional membership fees, along with revenue generated from programming and sponsorships, provide financial support for the organization, including the cost of attendance for the Chair and Vice Chair of the Board of Directors to attend the annual ACE Women’s Network State Chair’s Meeting.

Article 4: Board of Directors

    1. The Board of Directors (Board) provides leadership for UWHEN.
    2. Institutional member presidents (or their designees) may appoint no more than two Institutional Representatives to the Board. Institutional Representatives shall include both the administrative/staff and faculty of the member institution.
    3. Institutional Representatives serve as Directors for a three-year term that is renewable for up to a total of nine years. Term limits support the UWHEN mission inasmuch as institutional representation is a leadership opportunity.
    4. Ex-officio members may be invited to join the UWHEN Board of Directors to support mission fulfillment. This may include members from the Utah System of Higher Education, business, civic, and other communities.
    5. The Board of Directors shall include an Executive Committee of five officers, each of whom is elected by a majority of the Directors.
      1. Chair (One Year Term, Renewable Up to Two Years)
      2. Chair Elect (One Year Term, Renewable Up to Two Years)
      3. Past Chair (One Year Term, Renewable Up to Two Years)
      4. Treasurer (One Year Term, Renewable Up to Two Years)
      5. Secretary (One Year Term, Renewable Up to Two Years)
    6. Duties of Directors (Institutional Representatives) include:
      1. Planning and overseeing the UWHEN budget.
      2. Serving as both the interests of UWHEN at their institution and representing their institution’s interest on the Board.
      3. Interpreting, applying, and advocating the UWHEN mission at their institution and in public forums, including such related initiatives as ACE Women’s Network’s Moving the Needle Initiatives and the Women’s Leadership Institute’s ElevateHER Challenge.
      4. Informing all women at their institution about UWHEN events, opportunities, and priorities through all applicable means (e.g., campus listserv, human resources, faculty senates).
      5. Collaborating with other campus offices or programs that support shared goals.
      6. Strategizing and approving short- and long-term organizational goals.
      7. Developing programs and resources necessary to achieve mission fulfillment.
      8. Developing and adopting policies and procedures.
      9. Attending Board meetings.
      10. Supporting and attending the annual Leadership Conference.
      11. Attending the Fall Events, as possible.
      12. Actively participating on assigned committees and/or special projects.
      13. Providing an annual report to their institutional president regarding mission-driven achievements at their campus.
      14. Contributing mission-driven achievements from their institution to the UWHEN Annual Report delivered each fall to the Council of Presidents of the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE), UWHEN constituents, and ACE Women’s Network.
      15. Serve as a non-institutional liaison to an approved UWHEN Chapter, as necessary.
      16. Carrying out such other duties as may be established by the Board.
    7. Meetings
      1. Meetings of the Board may be held at any geographic or virtual location designated by the chair. There shall be no fewer than three meetings of the Board per year.
    8. Decision-Making
      1. A simple majority that includes either the Chair or Vice Chair constitutes a quorum of the Board. Decisions of the Board will be made by consensus when possible.  When consensus is impossible, a simple majority of those Directors present will prevail.

Article 5: Officer Terms & Duties

  1. Officers include the Chair, Chair-Elect, Past-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Board elects the Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer each spring for one term.  Each officer serves a one-year term that is renewable up to two total years.
  2. Duties of Officers:
    1. Chair: The Chair serves as the State Chair to the ACE Women’s Network.  The Chair has such duties, responsibilities, and powers necessary to carry out the directions and policies of the Board.  The Chair may sign and execute in the name of the organization any instrument or document consistent with the Bylaws and policies set by the Board.  The Chair is responsible for coordinating the annual Leadership Conference, overseeing communication efforts, chairing the Executive Committee, and developing and obtaining approval for the annual budget. The Chair serves with support from her respective institution, the Presidential Sponsor(s), and attends the ACE Women’s Network State Chair’s Meeting.
    2. Chair-Elect: In the absence of the Chair, the Chair-Elect performs the duties of the Chair.  When so acting, the Chair-Elect has all the powers of the Chair.  The Chair-Elect customarily becomes the Chair after the term of Chair-Elect is completed.  The Chair-Elect is responsible for coordinating at least three regional Fall Events and orienting all new Board members. The Chair-Elect attends the ACE Women’s Network State Chair’s Meeting. The Chair may also assign the Chair-Elect other duties. If the Chair Elect vacates the office or is otherwise unable to fulfill responsibilities, the Executive Committee may appoint a Chair Elect to complete the elected term.
    3. Secretary: The Secretary ensures that minutes are taken and distributed to the Board for approval in a timely fashion.  The Secretary also maintains the Board directory (including contact information, photos, bios, terms, committees, and roles), assists in the recruitment of new Directors, ensures accuracy of Directors on the UWHEN website, maintains the UWHEN membership email list, and maintains historic information for UWHEN systems, documents, and technology. Ex-officio Board members may serve as Secretary. The Chair may also assign the Secretary other duties. If the Secretary vacates the office or is otherwise unable to fulfill responsibilities, the Executive Committee may appoint a Secretary to complete the elected term.
    4. Treasurer: The Treasurer has custody of and is responsible for all funds and assets of the organization.  The Treasurer keeps and maintains accurate accounts regarding assets, liabilities, receipts, disbursement, gains, losses, capital, and surplus.  The Treasurer receives revenue, makes payments, identifies and secures sponsorship opportunities, and provides statements of UWHEN’s financial conditions to the Board at each Board meeting, including a full financial report each spring.  The Treasurer provides an orientation to the following Treasurer to ensure continuity and safety of resources.  The Chair may also assign the Treasurer other duties. If the Treasurer vacates the office or is otherwise unable to fulfill responsibilities, the Executive Committee may appoint a Treasurer to complete the elected term.
    5. Past Chair:  Upon completing her term as Chair, the Chair automatically becomes the Past Chair. The Past Chair oversees the collection of information, development, and publication of UWHEN Annual Report to the USHE Council of Presidents, UWHEN constituents, and ACE Women’s Network. The Chair may also assign the Past-Chair other duties.

Article 6: Presidential Sponsor(s)

  1. UWHEN shall appoint at least one Presidential Sponsor from among its Member Institutions to serve a three-year term.
  2. The Presidential Sponsor(s) provide supports, advocacy, and mentorship to the Chair and Directors as well as serving as a liaison between UWHEN at the USHE Council of Presidents, including presenting the UWHEN Annual Report.

Article 7: Chapters

  1. Member institutions may establish an institutional UWHEN Chapter (Chapter) according to the following requirements. Organizations that do not adhere to these requirements may not utilize the UWHEN name, but may formalize within guidelines appropriate at their institution.
    1. Submit to the UWHEN Chair a statement of interest regarding the establishment of a UWHEN Chapter at the institution. The statement must address the institution-driven need for a Chapter, commitment to the UWHEN mission and brand, and evidence of capacity to providing financial and leadership support.
    2. The Chapter must obtain approval from the UWHEN Board to establish an official Chapter under the UWHEN brand. Approval is received by a majority vote of the present Directors.
    3. The name to the Chapter shall be Utah Women in Higher Education Network – (Institution) Chapter.
    4. Ensure brand consistency by using a Chapter logo and design standards designated by UWHEN.
    5. The mission of the Chapter shall be the UWHEN Mission.
    6. The Chapter mission may be achieved by unique methods, objectives, and purposes relevant to the home institution, but consistent with the UWHEN mission. For example:
      1. As public policy is not within the mission of UWHEN, a Chapter may not designate public policy as its activities or purpose.
      2. Inclusivity is a principle that aligns with the UWHEN mission towards all women in higher education, and, as such, may be a principle through which a Chapter operates.
    7. Should a Chapter be found in conflict with the UWHEN mission, it may be required to revise guidelines, publications, policies, and processes within 60 days of notification. Should the Chapter fail to make revisions, the Chapter will be removed of Chapter status and must relinquish its use of the UWHEN name and branding.
    8. Participation and/or membership in a Chapter shall be open to all women employed by the institution.
    9. The Chapter must demonstrate capacity to carry out its mission functionally and financially, including development of bylaws, funding, and leadership continuity.
    10. Twice annually, the Chapter Chair or President must confer with a member of the UWHEN Board who is designated as the non-institutional liaison between the Chapter and the UWHEN Board to provide support, advocacy, and ensure mission and brand continuity.
    11. The Chapter Chair or President shall serve as one of two Institutional Representatives on the UWHEN Board regardless of the Chair or Presidents term as a Chapter officer.
    12. Ensure all communications appropriately reflect the Chapter and do not imply the statewide Chapter’s authorship.
    13. Avoid engaging in political discourse that falls outside the defined Chapter and UWHEN mission.

Article 8: Amendments & Revisions

  1. Bylaws may be adopted, amended, or repealed by a majority vote of the Board present at the meeting where proposed changes are presented.